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Biggest pile of excrement I ever bought. I paid $2300 for this sleep number turd.

I still haven't figured out a number cause it changes every time you change positions. I called three times while under warranty and was told "that is normal, you'll get used to it." They staved me off long enough to let the warranty expire. The mattress had a huge collapse at the head region and after taking it apart, the cheap *** hollow plastic that is supposed to be the frame is collapsed.

I guess if you are over 25 lbs, you can't use this *** product. I'm considering suing these people.

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Hi anonymous, my name is Alan and I work for Sleep Number. I'm so sorry for the trouble you've had with the base for your bed and I want you to know I can help.

Simply send me an email at CustomerService@SelectComfort.com, put "Attn: Social Media" in the subject line so it can be routed directly to me and include your name and the address we shipped your bed to and I can get to work on this for you right away. I look forward to talking with you soon!

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