MY husband and I purchased a p6 series select comfort 2 years ago for $2600. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY.

BUYER BEWARE. This bed is nothing more than two air matresses connected to plastic tubing with an air compressor and throw some foam on top. Our matress did not hold its shape as the frame is cheap foam that slides into two plastic elbows that don't even connect the frame completely. The head of the queen bed measures 55 inches, the middle measures 65 inches, and the foot of the bed measures 54 inches.

Basically our bed has an oval shape vs. a square. We bit the bullet and just purchased a memory foam matress. We could not take it anymore.

We both woke up in pain everyday, no matter what number we adjusted to. I wish we would have looked at the materials and how the bed was manufactured when we were at the store as I would have passed.

Monetary Loss: $2600.

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This person is ***.


This review makes little sense. Everyone knows Queen sized beds are 60" x 80".

There is no way possible for a bed to lose 5 or 6 inches. If this customer's complaint were factual this issue would be addressed under the warranty. This problem would have been fixed for free if a bed had actually been sold and a problem actually existed. This review I am proclaiming to not be truthful.

This is the first complaint I have ever read of this nature regarding a Sleep Number bed. If this customer actually had this occur it would have been fixed.

to Jim Beam Merrick, New York, United States #1243787

I have the same experience with my sleep # bed, Sleep # beds are nothing more than a glorified air mattress, i will never buy another, i do not see sleep # beds lasting as a mainstream mattress

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