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Sleep Number deliverd our bed and set it up five days ago. Our Sleep number bed will not hold air.

I found myself sleeping in a crater. The remote says both sides are set at 45. However my husband is sleeping on concrete and I am sleeping in a soft deep hole. One night hubby's side lost air and dropped to 30.

My side ended up at 5. It still read 45! When I set it to go up to 100, it showed I was really at 5, and NOT 45! I called the store manager and asked why we were having these problems.

I told him it takes 95 seconds for my side to go from 50 to 100. I asked if that was normal. He responded, "Well Maam, I don't know what your weight is........." My husband upset. He called regional.

They asked us to drive to another store (60 miles round trip) to pick up parts, so we could go home and fix the bed ourselves. We had to open up the bed, and take it apart and put it all back together. We slept in mush holes again that night. When we spoke to the regional manager again, he said he had never heard of anything like this.

He said he didn't know what to say, except he is sorry, and he would like to give us the opportunity to have the best night sleep ever.

So far they are telling me that they will arrange a return, but after finding this sight, I fully expect them to put the screws to us. I am calling our attorney first thing on Monday morning.

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So when you contact your attorney take all of the paper work that you signed at the store with you because if you didn't read it shame on you!!!

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