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I recently moved and the bag with the select comfort bed loose parts was lost. I tried to go online to buy replacement parts, you can't, you have to go through customer service and try to explain what you need to a person who has no clue about their products. Needed a replacement remote - $70.00 - ebay $9.00... Legs for the rail system. Need 3 - don't have, have to get replacement rails... $500.00. bought 3 bolts and 3 furniture plastic feet - $... Read more

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Select Comfort - BEWARE: Iffy Mattress, Disgraceful Company Policies--and you’re out $360 if you return it
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DISGRACEFUL, GIMMICKY COMPANY POLICIES include: (1) Failing to deliver beds that are as high quality as company advertises. (2) Delivery + return fees ($360): customers who finance the bed and can't afford to lose $360 might feel stuck keeping a substandard bed--does the company count on that? (3) Refusing to let customers return beds to local store (instead charging $180 return fee). (4) Hiding from customers who received substandard bed... Read more

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Please forgive my little rant, but I am urging everyone to never buy a Select Comfort "SLEEP NUMBER " bed! They do not stand behind their warranty. My bed is 5 years old and it has a broken chamber. It turns out they are going to charge me $$70.00 BUCKS to replace it, which is wrong when it is a $2500 bed. I can afford the cost, but it is a matter of principle. I would not want anyone else to suffer from their scam. Read more

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I have two beds both pumps one bed one pump cost $118 and then they decided to up charge the other pump to $219 guess that's a good way of selling your products

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I bought a Sleep Number bed during the Indianapolis Home Show. During the course of the demonstrations and discussions, I spoke to 3 different salespeople. Each time, I explained that I had a king water bed and asked if their delivery people would haul it away. Each salesperson assured me they would. Two in fact told me their delivery guy was huge and could bench 450 pounds. Low and behold the bed arrived today. The delivery man said no... Read more

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Ordered parts for a mattress over a month ago. Still haven't heard from the company. On hold for over 30 min before I hung up. There is something wrong with company

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My sister has had a bad back for years and bought a Sleep Number bed thinking it would be comfortable. The store had a very limited range of mattresses to try out, but the sales person assured us that the next style would meet her needs. My sister has very limited mobility and returning for another trial was too much, so she took the salesperson's word. Unfortunately my sister had a knee operation right before the bed was delivered and slept... Read more

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This an over priced rip off. We bit the bullet and bought the product 5 years ago. With growing dissatisfaction ever since. First the connectors on the plastic cube platform broke and came apart, This replacement was covered under warranty, but the local store charged a $85.00home service fee. When they broke again I chose to hold together with duct tape as warranty had expired. In time the air pump developed periodic a popping air escape that... Read more

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We bought split king ,spent over $9000.00 {They have our money},on 12/10/15 told to expect delivery, Tuesday 22nd Dec. We gave our old bed to Homeless Shelter . Monday evening after 5 we get a call delivery will be January 8th. We explode! about an hour or so later we get a call delivery will be Tuesday. We wait in all day, NO DELIVERY.What is up with these people, they have our money, they advertise like crazy. This is a worry going forward as... Read more

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I ordered 2 beds and was told 3-4 weeks for delivery. I was called and told delivery was going to be in 2 days. Later that same day, I was called and told the factory had a problem and delivery would be 2 weeks later. 2 weeks later I was told delivery would once again be in 2 days and again was called and told the factory had a problem. I contacted customer service and they told me the Corporate office had no idea what the problem was and or... Read more

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